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You could try to post other things than just about paul or the band... (: (just an idea, maybe it won't bore you then)


That’s a good idea too, i’ll try that.

Hey Paul!

But..but..we miss you too :(


oh someone remember this blog! thanks anon :c! is just that i’ve been soo bussy :c school,work etc. and also there’s nothing to post lately, i don’t want to post the same pictures over and over again but i really miss this.

Do my followers still remember this blog? lurk this blog?

I doubt it... ;c

I miss being active… i miss tumblr…

3 weird things you do that not many people know about


I can’t think of anything right now, maybe when i scream out of the nowhere sometimes? or i do weird faces when i’m alone…

I really hope you get tickets :)


Thank you anon!

Why Paul? Why not George, he was beautiful


And why not Paul? i like more his persona, his personality, i’m more into his songs, he’s more like me…

Paul McCartney, 1966

sd pre-sale tickets are sold out but u can prby still get them on the 18 :)


Oh really? d: there goes my luck…  thanks anon for the info, i’ll try that day

the sd tickets are sold out :/


are you kidding me right, not a funny joke


This is the first attempt at a follow forever of sorts after four years of thateventuality being online… and to start off with, I’d once again like to sincerely thank you for visiting and following this labor of love blog! It constantly astounds me, I’m really taken aback by it - and truly appreciate you stopping by and leaving feedback.
The following “Fab Blogs” are all run by some of the kindest, sweetest people I’ve come across - and the blog contents are often times creative and always unique. You all brighten up the dash, many of you have become online friends - all due to our mutual love for George and the rest of those astounding Liverpool lads. Thank you so much for making the often negatively tinged Tumblr experience more positive, and for the kindness you extend toward the blog and me personally. It honestly means a lot.
Many apologies if I’ve unintentionally forgotten you - I’m so sorry, all of your blogs are fantastic!
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Do you like it in the butt


do you mean if i like butter, because i like bread with butter.

But if you mean if i like it in the butt, no i don’t like things in my butt.